Put Tha Pink Up

by Lady Grew

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Richie K! of !kaboogie Records in Dublin approached me with these riddims (by the likes of amazing producers like Cedaa, Ward 21, Ocho Cinco, and Tipper, respectively) for a DJ set. I decided to lay down my vocals with the help of Rik Appleby of Lionheart productions in West Cork in November 2012. I am not at liberty to ask for money for these works, and offer them at no cost; feel free to donate towards the production of this EP. Above all - ENJOY THE TUNES Love, Lady Grew

Check out the vid for "Bonobo" at youtu.be/ohpdwR7XaSQ by Etaoin Melville


released 29 April 2013

Vocals by Lady Grew
Riddims by Cedaa, Ward 21, Ocho Cinco, and Tipper
Additional Production by Rik Appleby of Lionheart Productions
Artwork by Killian Redmonk
Photo by Kait Hussman



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Track Name: Wham Bam Bang
I crave boys / as addicts crave something to blame for their brokenness / Well I'm fucked too / love my excuse / flips imminent / stay rock bottom where bliss is limitless / please boys no timidness / I know / I'm fucked too / love my excuse / ambivalent as the smirk that ruins you / I cherish it / choose merriment / Mary meant what she said - "It's just brunch" / I walk behind you in a ball gown of straw / eat actors for lunch / I know / I'm fucked too / ain't no excuse / no chemistry set / developed a human without will / there ain't been not one yet / wham bam bang / what a mess we make / symbiotic / ooh boy / you give and I take / don't tell us to tell you what we want / tell us to take it / that's what I want / wham bam bang / what a mess we make / symbiotic / ooh boy / you give and I take / don't tell us to tell you what we want / tell us to take it / that's what I want / well I got testosterone in infinite / grew looking like a boy / but innocent / prettiness diffident / T came before E / grew nuts then my tits / see me stomping up at boys agro at first casuality / but I was still just a young girl / dontcha know / dontcha know / no one telling me "be like waves be and just crash and roll, crash and roll, and roll" / more than a kiss / in these mists of Avalon / whores of Baltimore / or was it Babylon / whisper Chinese / babbling brooks / we hear "bubbling seas" / what did they say / I only heard un-ease / wham bam bang... yeah I like androstenone / it's evident / grew looking like a boy / but innocent / hard-to-get diffident / stomped up at boys agro / but still a girl so / it looked like me pinning boys / just to sigh in their faces / to this day non-chalant boys I'm still chasing / but they say I'm not their type / wham bam bang...
Track Name: Chi-Chi (Boom Bye-Bye Bigot)
blouse and skirt / i'll ride ya till it hurts / i'll ride ya till you're full up but you're begging for dessert / rock and roll my belly / i really am a flirt / think my words are candy / get what you deserve / i'm perched all pretty / i come soft-served / you're more than cheeky / you're words are dirt / he on the sneak, he / so let's reverse / sticks and stones and now your bones hurt / squat on your cheekbone / slide down your throat / in a fake patois don't think i fucking won't / no this is not a fucking joke / im a ride your hate speech don't your throat / chi-chi chi-chi / love my chi-chi love my chi-chi / "metaphorical fires alight" you say / what's a meta for 'sides trying to hide your hate / my pum is a hoe / till words that you sow / choke when i ride / bone snap / swallow your flow / common enemy is all hatred of / false analysise in finding what's the rub / so simple you missed it / kisses never misfit / distracted you fight love / why you hate hugs? / chi-chi chi-chi / you a bigot / insipid bigot / you're simple i'm livid / go on and call me hyprocrit bigot / cuz i love and i live it bigot / go on and eat it / you a bigot bigot / come and call me faggot bigot / bye-bye bigot bye / bye-bye bigot / mama earth lips also made to rip muck / call it oil spill cuz you never say enough / pillage earth of her nature for ye to fling / jaw dribble dirt / come let lovers the love bring / now i'm chuckling cuz i'm leveling / rhetoric of muck and sin / devilment that you revel in / your poetry defeats its purpose / praise hypocrites in high seats / now your content is worthless / bigot insipid bigot... batty-boi grip your bat and hush their fuss over fassy / makes no sense to repent for the boy on the cross / he don't give a fuck who you fucking / keep on loving / girl keep strumming / chi-chi chi-chi / i wish Beanie and Bounty would just kiss and make up / come make out / what the bother bout bugga's about / you're so loud / fascinating really / makes me blush nearly / all the talk of licky-lciky makes the whole world wanna / come out / bye-bye bigot bye / bye-bye bigot...
Track Name: Kenny Fuckin Powers
you don't love me / boy now i know / never answer my calls out your window / you don't love me / boy now i know / i can't find you tho i creep slow / bounce pon pot belly / slick back 'fro / hands in your mullet / buddy never let you go / kenny fuckin powers you da man for me / i need a rudeboi southern mentality / you don't love me... tell that bitch girl time you had a slim thing / i bubble and wine like i was born nasty / come on kenny put me under your fat thing / i'm gonna sing / no no no / white flame wet hot hot heat / white flame wet hot hot heat / wet hot / kenny kenny love ya plenty / people try and say me say me crazy / but i know what's good / so come on let's seed up a baby / kenny kenny love ya plenty / take me on a genny / bump that riddim / drop my panties / bump to the beat with me / you don't love me... white flame wet hot hot heat... arcade put on a display / there we take it to third base / our white trash love is made to last / i'm not crazy / i'll let you sleep / 'sides i got patience / and bat eyes / i was born to be / under your fat thing under your fat thing / powers i got some / a voodoo doll of you / give it a wee backrub / naughty with dolly so go on just think of what i'll do / i'll rub your feet and cook you dinner / k effin p stick with me you'll be a winner / la la la
Track Name: Fresh Like Zest
fresh fit and real / stay fresh fit and real / check it / my fitness a heat that beats the weak out / bring the meek and out they walk proud / yeah i turn girls out in the very best way / claim cycl- femin- anarch- / these -ists that i raise a fist for / i thought i was a hippy / really i was piss poor / pass the life i'll take more / of them fine things / kepp the fine things coming / light on my feet and screaming born to be / in the spotlight / where i'm at / meet me / i'll do the same with you / lippin' libretto / don't try and play me / engenue take it from me / i flex brawn and brain and i'm still pretty / cuz i'm fitter than a fucker / arm-wrestle all night / i'm stupid strong / but it looks good on me, aight? / cuz i'm fresh like zest to opena a dish up / fresh like masses rising up / fresh like a whole room with glasses up glasses up / i'm fresh like zest to open a dish up / fresh like masses rising up / fresh like a whole room with glasses up glasses up / fly stroke / now i've got ripped traps / no joke / diesel by damage / fuck hope / my fate didn't stop with gainers / i had grittier things 'fore i could claim this / girls taught tight grip it's / thighs tummy guns fit this / pole figure that triggers a thought / chicks tough / but come pick us up / court us and stuff / i'm fresh like zest... in JA i ducked under a rope like a wrestler with earnings / pop my belt / come on keep it burning / hips turning boys yearning / disturbing / they watch my body move / just how it played out / i found myself in the middle / crowd loud enough a mind could fade out / and night after night dem bitch get played out played out out out / i'll reach you to the top / come find me there / what took you so long? / quit gawking saying the change in me / years lie low / let rise the rest of me / now run, not rid by energy / catch and train that bitch / call her destiny / can't tear your eyes away from me / splattering grins now finally fantasy / now run run run / i'll race you to the top / come find me there / i'm fresh like zest... corn-fed pom-pom / come and shake your pum-pum / ohio where i come from / yeah come and get some sense of humour / check rumours with me / yes i transgress cuz i'm free cuz i'm a go-getter in a big bad world / roll low on a rothar with my li curled / tiny skulls round the neck / mad pep / chicken period for breakfast / i come clobbering for the stash of wealth of knowledge in this earth and self / perplexing in my decadance / born of earth / irreverant / i prefer this cynical benevolence unhindering my grandiose bend / predelictions prevelant / the 99 percent / stay relentless / stay up fresh fit and stay real / real / cuz i'm fresh like zest